Careers Education Strategy

Bespoke reviews & evaluation of careers education provision & strategy in pre-18 & post-18 education

Careers professionals are passionate, enthusiastic people who enable people of all ages and stages of life to find their way and plan their next step, by providing education, information, advice, guidance and opportunities for experience. Delivery that focuses on ‘Careers’ is all about enabling individuals’ personal journey of discovery and the setting of goals for work.

But even the most inspirational and experienced careers professional needs to know that their input is making an impact.

Whether you are an individual Careers Advisor working with pre-18 learners, a Careers Leader responsible for a school or college programme, or a Head of Careers or senior leader with responsibility for careers education in a global university, your strategy and activitivies will become more impactful with the benefit of external perspective and a reflective conversation.

Whether you want a full audit, review and benchmarking of university careers service provision against UK and international good practice, or want to solve the problem of enabling more 15 year olds to think ahead, I can help you find your way and plan your next steps.

Drawing on my experience as Head of Careers at both the University of Chester and King’s College London, and as Director of The Careers Group federation of careers services, I provide expertise, insights and consultancy for universities in the UK, Europe, Canada and the USA, Australia and New Zealand, and I am a Quality Standard Reviewer for the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services in the UK. I have also worked in and with schools, and have published a book on approaches to pre-18 careers education.

If you would like me to work with you on any of these areas, please visit the Contact page and send me an email.