Workshops, Training & Development

I am an experienced educator, and design and deliver a wide range of training and development for learners, educators and careers professionals at pre-18 and higher education levels. I can design one or more sessions for you that are bespoke to your needs, ranging from 30 minutes up to an entire day. A few examples of training I have recently designed and delivered include:

Pre-18 Education

  • A Level choices event for parents – exploring decision-making and how to support learners to navigate their futures
  • INSET half day workshop for heads of academic departments teaching pre-16 and pre-18 on how to create and implement a more diverse language of transferable skills in curriculum
  • Career planning at university and beyond for sixth form learners – how to navigate an uncertain future and make effective decisions
  • INSET 1 hour workshop for all educators and professional/technical staff in a secondary school – supporting learners to navigate career choice and find the wider value in their education through skill development
  • Benchmark 4: Linking Curriculum Learning to Careers for Careers Leaders and Careers Professionals – how to work collaboratively with educators and learners on new conversations about transferable skills and curriculum

Higher Education

  • 2 hour workshop on approaches to inclusive mentoring for academic staff
  • Half day workshop on how to design and and deliver academic/careers service partnership to embed employability in curriculum
  • Half day workshop for academic staff to explore and define a language of transferable skills developed through curriculum and academic programmes
  • Suite of three 2 hour workshops for a careers service on co-creating strategy and working collaboratively to deliver it

If you would like to discuss your workshop, training and development needs, please visit the Contact page for more details about how to get in touch.