Learning Design

Content creation with impact

Creating engaging, impactful, learner-centred design can be time-consuming, particularly if you have great ideas but limited experience of how to construct a learning experience. Whether you want to convert in-person academic delivery to virtual or digital delivery, to create new internship projects, or train your team in new approaches, I can work with you to design and construct your programme.

I am a qualified teacher in higher education learning and teaching (Leeds, 1998) and have a postgraduate certificate in digital education (Edinburgh, 2021), so I am experienced in the theory and practice of impactful learning.

I have designed university degree programmes and modules, internship frameworks, and a huge suite of training workshops across leadership and management, as well as careers and employability, for learners of all ages and different stages on their professional journey. I am the co-designer and co-leader of the 30 credit postgraduate module Strategic Approaches to Careers and Employability in Higher Education.

You can also see samples of my work on EdApp: Introduction to learning gain for careers and employability

If you would like to discuss the development and creation of a learning project, please visit the Contact page and send me an email.